The concept of  COMMON FLAME is deeply inspired by the idea that all people hold an intrinsic passion and life-force energy burning from within, driving us to create, to get together, to celebrate LIFE, and to simply exist and live harmoniously for awhile.

Our MISSION is to provide a platform for this driving force and the diversity of talents and creative pursuits we all share to be showcased, explored, and developed, all within the backdrop of beautiful and novel venues and an inclusive and supportive community. 

Through the FUSION of live music, visual arts, crafts, artisanal creations, flow arts, dance, food, workshops, and so much more, we find an invaluable opportunity for collaboration, collective and individual growth, and a profound form of synergy as we all seize the opportunity to create and become something much, much greater than the sum of each of our individual parts alone.

As a COMMUNITY, we have the ability to truly connect through these shared experiences while achieving the ability to sustain and support ourselves in ALL of our pursuits. As we leave behind the illusion of separation and the tendency to isolate behind social media and cell phones, we reach the very real potential to become empowered collectively and to support the common-good initiatives and grassroots calls-to-action that positively impact our collective future and well-being. 

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We are Common Flame LLC, founded by Kenny Hatt and Brittney Coleman; partners in life, music, and now this venture!  With combined  EXPERIENCE in environmental education, team building, challenge course facilitation, event and program coordination, adventure & whitewater guiding, and of course performing and playing music, we LOVE to share in these fun and rewarding experiences with our growing community. Common Flame is the combined passion we feel deep within and wish to share with the world - all with the help of some great friends, each with their own invaluable skillsets and talents. 

We hope to see you real soon!!