Volunteer Work Exchange
Pine Ridge Fall Festival 2022

Pine Ridge Fall 2022 header (3).jpg

Thursday, October 6th (early arrival/setup)  

to Monday, October 10th (teardown/clean up)

(music from Friday through Sunday)

Pine Ridge Festival Grounds

1819 Route 534, Albrightsville, PA 18210

If you'd like to help lend a hand in exchange for a ticket, please fill out the application below and we'll be in touch! 

Please note: 


  • A full priced ticket deposit at the $100 level is required to volunteer. Deposit will be returned after the event and all shifts are completed.

  • 12 total volunteer hours required for full ticket exchange: preferably 2 separate 6 hour shifts. 

  • We will absolutely do our best to accommodate any physical limitations, and any festival performance / activity you'd like to see or participate in! 

Thank you for any consideration in helping out - this event cannot happen without you!

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Please select any areas you have experience in, have preference in, or woudn't mind working (choose as many as you'd like):
What is your preferred time of day to work? (This is not guaranteed but we will do our best to accommodate)

We'll be in touch upon review!

Thank you!